De-Lite Game Released to iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace

The game “De-Lite” is now available in iTunes App Store and the Android Market

The Basics

Flip the switches to turn off the lights – it is harder than you think!

The goal of De-Lite is to turn off all of the light bulbs. Unfortunately, the electrician that setup the light switches had far too much free time, and has made a bit of a mess of the wiring.

Each switch on the left is connected to only some of the light bulbs. The connected bulbs for the switch are indicated by a X in the switch row. When the switch is flipped, each connected bulb will change state: if it was on, it will turn off, if it was off it will turn on. The
right combination of switch states will turn all the bulbs off.

  • Each game is guaranteed to be solveable.
  • Each game has a unique string that identifies the setup, so they can be replayed or shared.
  • Login to facebook and share your wins!
  • Background texture is customizable.

Game Sharing

If you beat a hard puzzle and you want to let your friends try it, just share your win on your facebook wall. The post will embed a link that other users can click on from their mobile device to start the same puzzle.

What’s in a Game Number?

Check back for a technical discussion of the game number structure.


Having problems? Just send an email to me mailto://

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