The Need for Machine Learning is Everywhere!

In my work, which is predominantly information technology, the need for Machine Learning is everywhere. And I don’t mean just in the somewhat obvious ways like security or log file analysis. Consider, my work experience goes back to the tail end of the mainframe era. In fact one of my first jobs was networking together what were at the time considered powerful desktop computers as part of a pilot project to replace a mainframe. Since then Continue reading →

BigML Late Summer 2014 Webinar – Anomaly Detection!

Things at were busier than ever in 2014, and by mid-year we had already introduced a second machine learning algorithm with our new Anomaly Detector, based on Isolation Forests. Of course there was also a bunch of other new features as well:

– Model Clusters
– Missing Splits
– Anomaly Detector
… And a tease for a few upcoming things:

– Sample Server
– Dynamic Scatterplot
– Projects

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BigML Spring 2014 Webinar – Clustering!

This webinar introduced BigML’s K-means clustering algorithm, which was our first unsupervised learning algorithm. I worked hard on this webinar to come up with several easy-to-demonstrate applications of clustering. One of the coolest thing though is our Model Clusters feature which is a great way to “discover” the rules that describe each individual group in the cluster.… Continue reading →

BigML Webinar, January 28, 2014: Winter 2014 Release

This is the second BigML webinar – I got a little more technical with this one and used real data from Prosper. It’s pretty amazing the pace at which we implement new features; it had only been a few months since the last webinar and we brought:

Dataset filtering
Training weights
Adding dataset fields including Flatline
Node Threshold
Batch Predictions
In-memory trees
… and of course the Development free tier

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